Who we are

A company that’s all about people

Passion – Skills – Client-oriented

We are a client-oriented company: our philosophy centres ensuring our clients are completely satisfied. We have been sailing for over 40 years and know what seafaring folk want, need and desire. We want to share positive experiences with our clients and create enduring relationships. We want to maximise the joy of onboard living to the utmost by offering the thrill of light and space as we strive to create the most advanced kinds of beauty and design whilst still keeping a focus on the importance of performance under sail.

Our Mission


Quality – Reliability – Performance

We build high quality, extremely reliable boats that are synonymous with superb Italian design, functionality and performance. We want the whole process of becoming a boat owner – from design to build, choice of details, delivery and management – to be a genuinely pleasurable experience, culminating in the realisation of a magnificent dream.

We enjoy a reputation as an authentically Italian bespoke sailing atelier. We build only a few select boats each year because each one is designed around the requirements, style and wishes of its owner. This feedback is then used to hone the construction design of each new, unique ADVANCED yacht. We build personalised yachts and lavish great time and passion on each project.

Advanced offers its clients all the benefits of semi-custom production: we deal with all of the design and build complexities, working with only the most respected international naval architects, structural engineers and designers.
ADVANCED defines all of the common engineering and structural areas of the project, so that clients need only think about the pleasure and fun of customising their yacht and turning it into a unique vessel built exclusively for them and around their wishes.
Every ADVANCED yacht is different even though they all share a common engineering and production platform. This not only optimises costs but also allows us to offer an incredibly extensive range of personalisation possibilities.


Innovative materials

Leading-edge trusted technologies

Advanced uses innovative materials and building techniques ranging from vacuum-infused epoxy sandwich panels with fibreglass and carbon reinforcements up to full carbon construction.

HULLS: Our extremely high performance hulls combined with new generation waterlines – a perfect match that guarantees speed even in light breezes. Our hulls and deck structures are made using CNC lathed female moulds: this delivers very lightweight yachts, perfect surface finishes and optimal results in terms of stiffness, performance and reliability over time.

BULKHEADS: the bulkheads on our boats are made from epoxy resin shrink wrapped to hull.

We only use tested, certified new generation technologies supplied by leading brands. We offer our clients oversized equipment to guarantee owners a boat that can sail and compete right around the world, tackling even the most challenging seas and winds safely and confidently.